God of Time
Greater Deity
Symbol: Hourglass
Home Plane: Time
Alignment: N
Portfolio: Fate, Time, Destiny
Worshippers: Time Thieves, Time Wardens, Chronomancers
Cleric Alignments: N/A
Domains: Entropy, Fate, Inevitable, Law
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Chronos is the father of all things. When Atumi birthed the world egg, Chronos encircled it and fertilized it with his power, giving the undisciplined power of life before him a destiny and purpose.

Chronos is often depicted as a man of varying age with dark skin, balding head and a long white beard. He wears robes that portray the night sky, but the image moves with him, as if it is nothing but a window into eternity. Within the robes are a deep darkness that threaten to consume all.

Ensuring that time follows a linear progression, that cause comes before effect. Wage war on the Time Flayers (ToH, pg 603)

Clergy and Temples
Chronos no longer maintains actual clergy. Considering how little interaction he had with the mortal world up until his death, most mortals presumed he wasn’t a god at all, thinking him a servant of another god or even nothing more than myth. After his supposed death, the mage known as Myrddin, rumored to be the son of a union between Chronos and Brighid, took it upon himself to be a guardian of time. It is upon his orders that the Chronomancers and Time Wardens track down abusers of time that have cropped up in the interim, whether by outsiders like the Time Flayers or mortals such as the Time Thieves. Some say he even commands the mighty Time Elementals

Chronos had many servants, most of whom now operate autonomously. The Norns are a clan of fey dedicated to protecting and defending the threads of fate spun by the High Gods’ machinations. Norns are not born, they are chosen and go through a ritual that makes them into norns. Though usually chosen from among other fey races, rumors persist that some have been chosen from mortals. They are led by three sisters: the maid, the mother, and the matron, also named Cotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Other norns of note are Parcae, Moirai, and it is believed that Nimue, lover and enemy of Myrddin, was also a Norn.


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