High Gods:

Atumi – Goddess of Creation

Chronos – God of Destiny – Portfolio: Time, Fate (deceased)

Apophis – God of Destruction

Greater Gods:

Geometer – God the Sky – Portfolio: Air, Law, Enlightenment, Dragons

Siren – Goddess of the Seas – Portfolio: Water, Good, Song, Human

Gobannon – God of Fire – Portfolio: Fire, Evil, Craft, Dwarf

Danan – God of Earth – Portfolio: Earth, Chaos, Agriculture, Fey (deceased)

Maat – God of Balance – Portfolio: Balance, Neutrality

Intermediate Gods:

Lorria – Luck

Hecate – Magic

Kendra – Chaos

Laethe – Death

Keila – Nature

Lesser Gods:

Minerva – Desire

Baelim – Justice

Diancecht – Healing

Fel – War

Bast – Salvation

Luna – The Moon – Portfolio: Delirium, Hunting

Morpheus – Dreams

Helios – The Sun – Portfolio: Hope

Sokar – Despair – Portfolio: The Undead

Ogham – Knowledge

Saints, Demigods, and Demon Lords

Morganna – Saint of the Behovensidhe and Svartalfar, the Spider Goddess

NOTE: There have been a lot of name changes for gods over the years. I keep a list of who used to be what, so if you’re looking for someone that isn’t listed, just ask


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