Cantrefs (province/duchy/city)


Keila is the number one religion of Dalradia. Her druidic council is based there. In addition to Keila, the druidic faith also has a series of demigods to whom they show deference. Tradition has the Kinglord wedded to the Grand Druid. This has led to the druidic council being something of a political power and some have intimated that they are the true rulers of the nation.

This opinion is counteracted by the fact that the King has also traditionally taken up vows to follow the tenets of Baelim. The knights of the realm, known as Brehon, are all dedicated to Baelimite ideals of justice and protection of the innocent, though their first dedication is to their leige

A local demigod of some import is Caitlith, a once mortal follower of Baelim and patron of revenge. Dalradiasn are big on blood debts and will often turn to him when the justice of Baelim falls short.

On the rise is a new religion, that of Brighid. A very new, very powerful goddess, Brighid carries out her will through her witch’s. Brighid was a mortal named Branwen, whom legends say abandoned the druidic faith when it conjoined with political power and became corrupt. One of her first followers, Leilah Rhys, is the Thegn (lord) of Bri Leithe, a fact that many (quietly) call an act of hypocrisy.


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