A legendary shapeshifter who briefly left his self imposed exile to battle the encroaching demon hordes


High level druid / master of many forms.

His favorite forms were Treant, Mountain troll, Stone Giant, and Squirrel.


Nameless has spent so long in wildshape that he’s lost his mind to a degree; the form he takes on dictates his personality and attitudes. Although erratic, he’s immensely powerful, and the heroes who banded together to stop the demon armies managed to track him down and pique his interest long enough for him to unleash some rather epic destruction. This includes wrestling a gargantuan T-rex as a mountain troll, wielding a pair of wizards as if they were ray guns while in a large gargoyle form, stealing an entire trebuchet while disguised as a giant, and throwing an elder Illithid through several tents and trees until he was embedded into the side of a hill.

Last anyone knew of him he had been cursed and lost his ability to wildshape after the battle with the Illithids. After that event he vanished, presumably having left to go back to watch over the haunted woods he’s stalked for centuries.


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