The board is set, the pieces known, the pawns in motion. The heroes have everything in their possession to prevent the return of Apophis, God of Destruction, whose return could signal the end of everything.

Kitch has obtained all the relics he needs from the deity often referred to only as Oblivion. Armed with an ancient scroll, the heroes work to unite one elder divine spellcaster (Cleric/Druid/Witch etc) of each of the nine philosophies (read: alignments). This scroll will lay the groundwork to bind and bury the resurrected god. But in so doing, they must first defeat the gods new form, an unstoppable avatar known only as the deadly Tarrasque!

This leg of the campaign begins at level 16 and should take us through at least level 20

Campaign Start Date (OOC): November 2011

Campaign Start Date (IC): Domanus 17, 3775

Campaign Starting Location: Connacht

Style of Play: mix of hack/slash and RP

-Paizo and Psionics Unleased RAW
-all others with permission

Demonswar Crest

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